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June 8, 2019
Wow, so even after being in the community im just finding this and im blown away. I’ve been super caught up in just buidling (and compliance calls) that the ansillary or retrospective outlets of the Eth community have blown past me.

Im here now and hopefully you can expect to see more focused ramblings here in the coming months.

Well, Hello World as it will…I am Futjrn lead dev and CTO of HERC & AGLD. I have some other things going on but lets stick to the stuff that works today. I also have one of those given names but Id rather just keep it impersonal.

Where to start? Yeesh its been 2 years since we began and we’re out in the open with our initial protocol, platform, and proposed utitility.
It took awhile only because we didnt do a big ICO and well because the technology was scaling as we developed into it.

Let me give you a run down of what we’re achieving and then maybe in the comments you can decide if we’ve gotten there.

The whole idea is to
Log, Track, & Validate Real World Assets to provide indisputible data integrity by layering decentralized clouds (IPFS) with transactional layer (ETH) and anchor into the most integrous timechain (BTC).

You can really throw anything through it and be provided hashes that coincide with eachother to give without a shadow of a doubt (and third party verifiable) data integrity on your uploads.

Anyway, you could send a picture and some metadata about an orange through HERC and it will be logged, or in our case 1kg .9999 AU bars of Gold.

These bars are verified through HERC with certain metadata you would see in say a Brinks log, except we have completely built out a class 3 vault (anthembunkerDOTcom) and our Vault Tech has helped us to fine tune HERC to be the best it can be.

So cool we can do all this in a pretty well polished gui and by now you’re probably like…so what?

Sure I wouldnt be ultra excited either if I didnt know the entire story (and if you want to know just poke around our websites.)

Our main goal was to do as much as possible on the ethereum mainnet while still providing a seamless experience for users.
Ultimately metatxs werent a solid thing yet so gasless txs didnt make it into our launch version, but we’re acting as fast as we can to implement something that will effectively eliminate those costs (we’re also open to ideas).

So ok we have this routing protocol and a gui and some other main components (githubdotcom/hercone) and you’re figuring why have i read this much? Why am i still reading now?

Probably because of line 2 in this ramble “DocuNFT”
Its pretty much excatly what you’re thinking. Documents as NFTs.
We saw the necessity pretty early and got to work on templates for users and started cranking out specific
documents that could have metadata anybody would want.

I personally am excited to roll this out to mainnet by August at the Futurist Conference in Toronto held by the incredible team at Untraceable.

We have a ropsten poc with documentation at githubDOTcom/HERCone/HIPS/wiki/HIP-6-PCRAM-Alpha

If you want to be involved just comment below or join our discord! [H]ERC / AGLD

We’re totally open source, so if you see something you know could be better make a PR in githubDOTcom/hercone/hips to Get Started!

If youll be in Toronto and see our booth or me on stage just dont hesitate to rush up and hug me or ask for a job or something .

To EthFinity & Beyond!