Looking for collaborators for a working paper on international money transfer

I am working on a paper sketches design of borderless money transfer based on Ethereum. I am looking for collaborators on the protocol. Comments, feedback and questions are also welcome.

This paper is at its very early stages so many details are missing including critical technical details; and there are typos, gramma issues everywhere.

Link: https://github.com/tengpeng/astero/blob/79125921fc47c0ac39b19ec1fcae23c8df2e535a/astero.pdf

I copy the abstract here:

Westernunion and its competitors have been highly inefficient in transferring money across borders. These legacy organizations, built before the internet age, do not provide service with low fees, short waiting time and high amount limits. This paper outlines a peer-to-peer international money transfer platform called Astero that supports individuals and business transfer and exchange money worldwide with instant delivery, unlimited amounts and low fees. To achieve these goals, we introduces 1.an orderbook-based fiat currency exchange. 2.a stackexchange-like community for dispute resolution and counter-party risk reduction. Astero can outperform Westernunion by 100x with sub-minute settlement time, 100x higher amount limits, 10x lower fees.