Media channels for Ethereum


After Facebook data leakage and media scandals of last few years I’ve read article which called Magnasanti. This article is about giant artificial city which main goal is to became as huge as possible even if its’ citizens became unhealthy, unhappy or totally stupid. And I decided to create media platform which will not became a growth-junkey.

The second motivation is that looks almost dead. And it seems pretty strange that there is so weak community support. Newbies are looking forsaken. Decentralization doesn’t mean disunity or disorganization.

I’ve created decentralized media platform which use Ethereum’s infrastructure to create media channels (“single thread” sidechains based on append only streams). It’s codename is Hexter (Github).

It a) allow to provide trustful and reliable data, b) uses contracts to manage membership, c) doesn’t need sign in/sign up, d) doesn’t track users or sell their personal data. e) doesn’t provide Tops or Most liked aggregation to avoid tricky behavior.

It’s in early beta stage and currently it works like aggregator of short messages signed with Ethereum signature. My goal is to add more media type support (not only short text messages) to create platform for different community models.

The second goal is to create verifiable data channels to avoid scams and hackers from stealing money. And this goal requires DSA to be popularized outside of blockchain sphere.

So I have a few questions to community: a) Do you use digital signature outside of blockchains. b) Why if not.


that is hard job for AI+Blockchain+Big data

Ethereum signature just solve problem for artwook not for all .