More Viable Plasma


I’ve made some very rough sketch of how it can work based on @kfichter explainer from above. Will extend it in the next few days, now it’s 90% test-broken and completely not optimized.


Thanks, this would be helpful. If time permits, I will help you out.


@kfichter if operator creates a “out of nowhere” output (UTXO1), then he spends it and creates UTXO2 and then spends this new one and creates UTXO3. All transactions will be included in the blocks, and these blocks will be withheld. So, the UTXO3 will have a “youngest” valid input (with m.proof), and should it be processed before the rest? How it can be challenged or can be there any competitors?


If the transaction that created UTXO3 only had one input (UTXO2), then it will be successful processed with a priority based on the position of UTXO2. It cannot be challenged because it appears to be a valid transaction. This is generally the security model of Plasma MVP - we can’t avoid these transactions but we can create conditions so valid exits will be processed before UTXO3.


@kfichter thank you for clarifying!
Is it right, that after withholding starts, any user started to exit with UTXO in in-flight tx could be grieved with doublespend tx by the user, who sent him funds?
E.g. Alice created tx1 with input1 and output1 to Bob, and it becomes “inflight” due to data withholding.
Then Bob is starts to exit with tx1 and piggybacks to output1. Then Alice challenge him with tx2 with input1 and output2.
Is it possible in this construction?


Yes, this is possible. Note that Bob will only lose the “original bond” required to submit the exit and not the “piggyback bond.”

Also, there are alternative versions of this protocol in the case that all outputs are cooperating. In that case, the outputs can relinquish all rights to the transaction and allow the inputs to exit/piggyback. I imagine this will be useful for merchants who want to quickly refund users in the case of withholding.


So, it looks like every user, who has a output in inflight tx, could loose his bond and exit nothing. And on other side - every user spending funds in inflight tx motivated to claim honest exiter’s bond


There are two bonds here - an exit bond required to start the exit and a “piggyback” bond placed by owners of the inputs/outputs. Only the exit bond is slashed. The output owners will exit nothing but will have their piggyback bonds refunded.