Multisignatures for Casper

I wonder if you guys considered using a multisignature/aggregated signature scheme (such as Boneh-Lynn-Shamir) to combibe Casper validator votes - - this could improve verification times and decrease storage requirements …

If the account abstraction ends up being implemented, it should be possible to use multisignature in the Casper contract, I suspect

Correct. And account abstraction already is implemented in the current Casper PoCs.

Edit: sorry, misread what you meant. Multisignatures for security purposes are totally possible because a user can specify whatever signature scheme they want. Multisignatures for signature aggregation purposes are not really feasible because (i) they conflict with the goal of signature abstraction, and (ii) there’s little point because it still takes O(N) effort to process rewards for validators.

Though what we can do to make life easier for light nodes is have them randomly sample a set of voters, and only ask for and verify votes from them. Another thing you can do is use BLS signatures internally inside a stake pool.