On-Chain Asset Store and Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace


A few months ago, I have deployed a mechanism to efficiently store vector assets on the blockchain (mainnet), which will make it easy and affordable to release fully on-chain NFTs. It also allows other developers to re-use those assets.

As the second step, I am building a Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace (DAM), which distributes revenues from those assets to appropriate parties autonomously.

Project Summary

  • SVG Compression: An algorithm to compress SVG data very efficiently (deployed)

  • On-Chain Asset Store: A smart contract that acts as the storage service of vector assets (deployed)

  • Crowd Minting: A method to get help from a crowd to upload a large set of vector images to the blockchain (deployed)

  • Asset Composer: A smart contract that performs the composition of assets and the distribution of revenue (beta)

  • Asset Provider: An interface, which allows smart contracts to provide vector assets and receive royalty payments (beta)

  • On-Chain Vector Editor: A WebUI front-end, which allows the user to edit vector data and perform compositions of existing assets (beta)

  • CC Share-Earnings: A new type of Creative Commons license, which enables autonomous revenue sharing (draft proposal)

  • Generative Asset Providers: Any smart contracts which generate arts and offer tham via the Asset Provider interface (beta)

  • Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace: A marketplace that allows Asset Providers to offer their vector assets and receive royalties from generated revenue autonomously (beta)

The full document is available at On-Chain Asset Store, Composer and Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace.

Open-source, Non-profit

This is a non-profit effort (at least so far), and the entire source code is open to public: smart contracts

What I am looking for

Any feedbacks, discussions, code reviews, beta testings, and participation are welcome.

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