Open Source Blockchain Explorers


Block Explorers are one of the most fundamental tools needed for any blockchain to thrive, and amazingly, Ethereum is extremely centralized in this. Everyone goes to Etherscan 10x a day.

I love Etherscan, and am so impressed with how it works… I also love the USA and am soo impressed at the quality of life there… But both of these are centralized golden cages, and we are trying to do something different, better, an open field with rainbows butterflies and real customization.

There are 2 AWESOME Open Source Block Explorers currently under development, and every 2 weeks on Friday we have an open call (Inspired by the plasma call) where the people working on projects similar projects can feel welcome to attend ;-D

If you would like an invite to the telegram where we organize, please message me :smiley:


First 2 calls:

I have sooooo many more… but i can only put 2 links in a post :frowning:


POA Network is one of the 2 teams working on this, if you are interested in what they are working on:

Block Explorer:
(Dockyard) - Project 1:
(Gaslight) - Project 2:
(Plataformatec) Project 3:


EthVM is the 2nd block explorer being worked on by MyEtherWallet
Database: RethinkDB
Backend: Modified Geth, Stateless websockets for scaling
Frontend: Vuejs
Feature Requests:


New Call just started :smiley:


The Fourth OSBE call happened live at EDCON. We had some serious sound issues :frowning: but some of it worked great! See the updates below :wink:

Quick update on Shokku (I’ll include VulcanizeDB code into the project? I’m not sure yet) - Aldo

Update from POA Network -Igor (BAD SOUND :frowning: )

Update From MEW - Kosala

At the end there was a fun conversation with people from Infura, Quickblocks, Ubiq, POA Network and the Ethereum foundation… That part of the video worked out well and was fun:

Quick update on Web3Scan:

Last week Emiel from Web3Scan joined our little community and he had this to say:
After watching the first 3 episodes of our initiative he believes Web3scan complements the group by focussing on de DB layer, specifically by building large dbs by harvesting and indexing all data of the various networks. This should result in (SQL) queryable dbs aimed to assist developers, academia, researchers and operators of consortium networks. In the short term they do not plan to develop a user interface (public web interface or API), or a method to decentralize building the DB. In our opinion this distracts from the #NOW component. In the short term they aim to solve an immediate service management problem to distribute harvested and indexed >TB level databases to our audience. They are aware that this requires some trust in our services, but data can of course be verified by making sample tests with other sources. The idea with access to these large DB is of course that you can find answers to questions that the clients (Parity/Geth) or the block explorers (etherscan/etherchain) do not provide easily.

And specifically as far as work they did last week, they sync’d about 10 different networks with Parity nodes in archive/trace/fatdb mode. Amongst others Poanetwork, Kovan, Ropsten, Mix, Musicoin, Expanse, Ella, Toma, Ether Classic. His next move is to make preparations to harvest and index these networks in their relational DB model.


This next friday will be a really good one, lots of demos :smiley: If you want to join, please reach out to me! If you want to watch, I will post the link here :smiley:


The 5th Open Source Blockchain Explorers NOW! Call is happening in 15 minutes!


Mitch In Depth Intro
EthVM Update - Aldo
POA Network Update- Andrew (Many updates but will try and keep them short)
Prysmatic Labs Intro - Preston Van Loon (5 minutes or less)
Quickblocks screen share demo (5-7 minutes)

Then a Fireside chat to finish it off :smiley: