Preliminary Ethereum 2.0 Client Metrics for Early Benchmarking


I’ve taken three ETH2 clients and synced them up with the Witti testnet while closely monitoring their performance metrics.

I’ve written a report that is available as PDF here:

This repository also contains the raw data as well as scripts used to gather the data, and metadata necessary to potentially replay the test scenario.

I hope that someone will find this useful.


I am having trouble opening . Anyone else have the same problem?

i downloaded the pdf file because it is too large to be previewed.

Aaah, I just had to wait about a full minute for evince to open it up.

In case anyone else is having the same problem, here’s the most important page in png form:

2 Likes could also work as downloadlink :wink:

It renders all data points directly in the document. I didn’t want to reduce the details in the original document. Thanks for sharing a screenshot for preview.