Provable computing protocol - off-chain smartcontracts

The same problem as Ethereum solved but for off-chain applications - pcpio smart contracts for off-chain transactions (js/es7+).

Short protocol concept presentation

Would like to get constructive feedback and comments.

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kind of hard to give feedback when you need permission

no need now, opened for everyone


  • Create the slides (pitch decks) using Markdown format with GitPitch so they support Git version control
  • Add the slides to your Github repo
  • Invite other users to contribute, and then review/approve their Pull Requests
  • Add slide notes each slide. Find a junior developer and validate they understand:
    • WHY each slide is important for goal and how it fits into the big picture
    • HOW the topic of each slide is relevant by means of providing an applied example (i.e. code snippet and brief summary of how it would be used in the real world) so they understand the message you are trying to convey and know how to go about learning more about those specific areas so they can contribute toward the purpose of each slide
    • WHAT are the key features of each slide that the audience should be able to learn and understand as milestones to contribute to the community

Here is an example set of slides I created using GitPitch to try to teach people how to create a Twitter App in Ruby on Rails (note that I haven’t really followed the suggestions that I mentioned above entirely either, but at least there’s version control)