Request for a new category of this site

Many people concern the safety problem over non-safe languages on EVMs.
There are many topics aroud safety problems, such as

  • formal verification
  • model checking
  • automata theory
  • satisfiability theory
  • type theory
  • domain theory

I think we will be happy if there is a category of such topics.
I would name it e,g, “FormalVerification”, “Language”, or, “SafeLanguage” .


FormalVerification, please

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We currently have the EVM category. Are the proposed topics mainly for “formal verification for EVM”? Or you are looking for a more general formal verification category?

Alternatively, if it’s not necessary to create a new category, we can a new “formal-verification” tag.

@hwwhww I would say “Formal Verification towards EVM” rather than “Formal verification for EVM”, since it could include various researches that might adapt to it.

I would say it’s completely different topic from EVM topics.
I requested for this when I recently saw a topic which is tagged by a misunderstanding manner in the sense of research or technique. The topic tells an idea of, kind of, blockchain based, trusted system, which is kind of formal verification.

Using EVM, pursuing trusted ways is a worth researching category since we have chosen the way of ordinal bug-friendly programming.