Rustic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Wanna introduce my recent work about a compiler for WebAssembly to the EVM bytecode :melting_face:

Really need opinions from the community since feedbacks are required to shape it :face_in_clouds:

repo: GitHub - clearloop/zink: Rustic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine

The Zink project mainly provides a single-pass compiler zinkc which compiles WASM to EVM bytecode, the source code of your smart contract could be any language you like!

any-language  ->  WASM  ->  Zink Compiler  ->  EVM bytecode

For using rust as the language of the smart contracts will unlock all of the following features:

  • Safe: rustc is wathcing you! Furthermore, after compiling your rust code to WASM,
    zinkc will precompute all of the stack and memory usages in your contracts to ensure they are safe in EVM bytecode as well!

  • High Performance: The optimizations are provided by the three of rustc, wasm-opt and zinkc, your contracts will have the smallest size with strong performance in EVM bytecode at the end!

  • Compatible: All of the no_std libraries in rust are your libraries, furthermore, you can use your solidity contracts as part of your zink contracts and your zink contracts as part of your solidity contracts :slight_smile:

  • Easy Debugging: Developing your smart contracts with only one programming language! zink will provide everything you need for developing your contracts officially based on the stable projects in rust like the foundry tools.

Fibonacci Example

fib(n) Zink Solidity@0.8.21
0 110 614
1 110 614
2 262 1322
3 414 2030
4 718 3446
5 1174 5570
/// Calculates the nth fibonacci number using recursion.
pub extern "C" fn recursion(n: usize) -> usize {
    if n < 2 {
    } else {
        recursion(n - 1) + recursion(n - 2)

As an example for the benchmark, calculating fibonacci sequence with recursion, missed
vyper because it doesn’t support recursion…Zink is 4x faster on this for now, but it is mainly caused by the implementation is not completed yet ( missing logic to adapt more situations )


careful about overlapping naming “Zinc” is also a thing (zk syncs language)

actually zink is from zinc, zk, and ink : D

:dotted_line_face: don’t know they have this repo xd, was verifying the naming via crates-io

so, since have got the naming zink on crates-io, it is the final naming xd

besides, actually I’m confused to call this project a language or just a project…this project makes WASM a smart contract language for EVM with zink compiler with our customized interfaces…

call it a language will be easy to remember, for example, we can say, solidity, vyper, zink