Scheduling our first call

I have sent out an invite to schedule our first recurring call as a group to discuss research topics.

November 19th @ 16:00 UTC (,100,2759794&h=7&date=2019-11-12&sln=9-10.5)

This is 2 hours later than the normal AllCoreDevs call on Fridays. If doing it at the normal ACD call time of 14:00 UTC would be better/worse please let me know.

If you wish to attend the call and did not receive a calendar invite send me your email address and I’ll get you added.

If you have an agenda topic you would like to discuss, please reply here as well.

The primary agenda item I’ll be covering myself is the plan for migrating Eth 1.x to a 2.0 execution environment outlined here:


Excited to kick this off next week. Is anyone willing to volunteer to take notes or maybe knows someone who might be interested?

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I’ll be a note-taker :raising_hand_man:


Do you mind [email protected]

I’d like to suggest a discussion around gas costs for creating smart contracts.
I believe that there is currently an asymmetry in operations that create smart contracts, specially when smart contracts that create other smart contracts.
One pays 200 gas for each byte of the smart contract code but if the code already exists in the trie nothing is really saved and imo one should not pay the gas to store something that is not stored at all.
I’d like to participate if possible: [email protected]

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@efynn I don’t think this call will be the place for that topic (you are still welcome to attend the call).

The intent is for this group to focus on bigger broader issues that require coordination and research. Things like optimizing EVM gas costs can be done through the existing EIP process. I would recommend writing up an EIP for this change and bringing it up in an “all core devs” call.

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Hey all, I’ll be taking notes here so during the call or after the call if you want to embellish anything feel free to add to the doc!

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If you would like help on how to approach the EIP process send me a DM and I am happy to give you guidance.