SCSVS - Smart Contract Security Verification Standard

Together with my colleague Paweł Kuryłowicz we have created the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard which we published on the 1st of October.

#SCSVS - Smart Contract Security Verification Standard is a FREE 13-part checklist created to standardize the security of smart contracts for developers, architects, security reviewers and vendors. This list helps to avoid the majority of known security problems and vulnerabilities by providing guidance at every stage of the development cycle of the smart contracts (from designing to implementation).

In my opinion, this is great material for people interested in smart contracts and decentralized application.

From the most important information:

  • SCSVS is available for everyone for FREE here:
  • Authors: Damian Rusinek and Paweł Kuryłowicz (we are both from SecuRing company - we are very grateful to them because they let us do it partly during work)
  • It was released 01.10.2019r.
  • It was shown for the first time during the OWASP Global AppSec Amsterdam 2019 during my presentation.



Great - thank you. We will use it at SKALE!

Any kind of feedback and cooperation welcomed :slight_smile: