Seeking contributions to an academic paper on DeFi and America's Wealth Gap

I’m working with a colleague on a draft paper to be submitted to academic journals that is examining the ability for certain technologies to help the financial advisory service profession address the societal wealth gap that exists in America. I was hoping to present our ideas to someone who is well versed in the areas of decentralized finance and create a dialogue with them so that I can strengthen my research and write the best paper possible. I’m in the beginning stages of my research and I am just getting introduced to blockchain technology and DeFi. Foolishly I thought I could send an email to Vitalik Buterin and hopefully get his thoughts on this topic and my paper after recently reading an article about him from Time Magazine. In my searching the website I came to this website. I’ve never used GitHub or posted much on message boards, so I may be going about this the wrong way; however, I’m hoping that with this post I can find someone who is seriously interested in communicating with me about the core premises in my paper and who might be interested in contributing to it as well. Please respond if you are interested and how I am able to be in contact with you.

Hi equirin1,
I am not the expert you are searching for, but face similar difficulties. I am an academic researcher and just submitted my first paper – on Blockchain payments in the IoT – into the peer review process. Producing a well researched, clearly articulated paper is a real challenge in our young Blockchain space. Which research discipline do you follow when conducting research? What is the artifact of your work? How has this artifact been developed? All of these pose major challenges when existing literature is lagging scientific rigor. The few good sources in reputed scientific journals are just not enough to construct well sourced arguments. I would love to discuss how you – and others – handle these limitations of our field. And how we as a academic research community in the blockchain space can improve. If you – or anyone – is interested just drop me an email:

Hi Sven. I sent you an email. Please let me know if it came through.
I was really hoping to get more responses in this chat group. I’m disappointed that so far the conversation has been so limited.

I just answered your mail. I think this forum is mainly focused on researching the hard fundamentals of how to improve Ethereum. Would love to have an more academic research focused part. I think there is a lot of potential in this area.

hi @equirin1 this looks like an interesting problem to research on. i majored in economics a few years back and might be able to give the paper my 2-cents, how do we connect?

That would be great. I can provide you my personal email: If you email me I can provide more context of the paper.

Hello. I am following up to see if you are still interested in dialoging about the topic of my paper. Please let me know if I can reach out so we can connect.

Hello @liangwei93 I’m following up one more time to see if you are still interested in chatting.

I’m not an expert in DeFi, but I could recommend this paper on how token sales (peripherally related to DeFi) conducted on Ethereum significantly increased the number of people who could participate as investors in capital raising for projects:

The authors of the study may also be good people to discuss your topic with.