State oracles - an interoperability and scaling solution


I’m working on a concept of so called “state oracles” for some time. They can be considered to be part of “layer 2” scaling solutions for blockchains together with state channels and other technologies. I love to get feedback, discuss and get in touch with like-minded people to do R&D together.

State oracles are microservices that may interface any existing resource — smart contracts, any features saved all over the internet, tangible objects or any other things. With state oracles, resources become reusable. By combining state oracles, existing resources (smart contracts, features) living on networks can be combined into new decentralized services. In short, state oracles bring “don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) principle in the global scope.

State oracles also work as translators from one standard to another, bringing an interoperability. Anybody can invent his own standard (language) and still be understood by all other things. For instance, I can invent my own “emoji language” and translate it on fly to Gitcoin bounty. This can be conducted even through multiple state oracles (multi-hop).

I already wrote blog posts on this topic:

Looking forward to hearing what you think!