Supercharging the NIST Elliptic Curve Seeds Bounty

Hey guys, we just launched an initiative to supercharge the NIST Elliptic Curve seeds bounty. The aim is essentially to find the pre-image for the P256 seed c49d360886e704936a6678e1139d26b7819f7e90 (note that EIP-7212 introduces a P256 (a.k.a. secp256r1 elliptic curve) precompile) given the major hint in the original bug bounty announcement:

The people who are involved are:

Let’s show the world that Ethereum is a collective power of folks who truly care about what essentially powers the foundation of Ethereum: cryptography.

A major shoutout to @merkleplant who has been the driver behind this initiative! Would appreciate spreading this initiative & any donations are ofc welcome :smiley: