The eth1 -> eth2 transition

Yes, they could, but it wouldn’t be the default and so far we’ve seen a strong norm in the community (and other blockchain communities!) to follow defaults. I’m 100% in favor of having the version removing the bomb be considered the minority/unofficial/etc. fork.

Well, if exchanges and other stakeholders do, they will given that most of the value will be on that chain. Miners are already aware of PoS, so I’m not convinced that a final upgrade would make much of a difference. Also, we could pick a “final” block to be one that would already be quite hard to mine due to the difficulty bomb, in order to make the choice to not upgrade less attractive.

That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought of it.

I still think that having the ability to send transactions on the Eth1 chain may cause significant confusion.

Perhaps a middle-ground approach where you leave the mining reward for enough blocks on the original chain while disabling transactions in blocks (i.e. you can only mine empty blocks) could work. I haven’t thought it through much, though.

You can also imagine a more aggressive difficulty bomb past the “final block”. For example, doubling the difficulty at each block. This way, you get the similar hashpower in ~6 blocks as you would in 100. You still have an incentive to 51% attack the last block, though… not sure how you get around that problem :thinking:

How do you see this happening? Is there an in-protocol way we could do this? From ETH2, perhaps?

How do you see this happening? Is there an in-protocol way we could do this? From ETH2, perhaps?

We could, but it’s only 2 * 100 = 200 ETH of rewards, so I really do think it’s easier and cheaper for the EF to just pay this itself than for us to spend time figuring out exactly how to allocate eth2 block rewards in-protocol.

ETH1.0 contracts that will be transferred to ETH2.0 will have the same capabilities as the new contracts? is it better to create a new smartcontract without waiting for integration and airdrop the new tokens to the holders of the old ETH1.0 contract?