Topology on libp2p ( libp2p design )



Is there any place for discussion or fundamental base knowledge for
topology on libp2p, or could I open it here?

Casper protocol seems to have update system of ‘validator topology’.
And my question is that does libp2p which is more underlying layer have a similar system ?


Casper does not make any assumptions about network topology; it assumes a gossip network just like PoW. It’s sharding that has stronger network topology assumptions for scalability reasons.


Regarding (i) sharding topology and (ii) main chain transport layer on libp2p, here’s the new GH issue:


Thanks for the link Hsiao-Wei!


PS until we have a separate category for P2P, it’s probably best to categorize P2P posts under sharding (or Casper if it’s specific to that). I know Casper FFG alpha uses Kademlia and bootstrapping nodes, but I don’t know much more about their specific P2P implementation.


My purpose is a bit different, maybe as @vbuterin implied by the term ‘gossip’;
I would like to research the way of updating the whole network topology as there are no stable neighbors.
( I took casper as sharding, as @vbuterin mentioned. )


I have been reading up on gossipsub for developing it for rust-libp2p, and suggest that you check that out.