Unveiling OlaVM Proof of Concept: The Next-Generation Full-Featured zkVM


In August 2022, Sin7y released the White Paper of OlaVM, formally planting the seeds of scalability and privacy in the fertile soil of Ethereum. With the completion of OlaVM PoC, the seeds have broken through the ground, indicating that the seeds have successfully germinated. This article will mainly introduce the progress and some strategic adjustments of OlaVM at this stage.

We are excited to make the following announcements:

  • We have preliminarily completed the PoC of OlaVM.

  • We have initially completed the design and implementation of the custom smart contract language Ola-lang.

  • We have initially completed the integration of Olang into the developer-friendly IDE: Visual Studio Code, allowing developers to write Olang programs on VSCode and then execute proof generation and proof verification processes.

And some adjustments:

  • The project name was officially adjusted from OlaVM to Ola. OlaVM will be a key module in Ola, and other modules include smart contract language Ola-lang, Ola-compiler, Ola-sequencer, etc.

  • The project goal is expanded from programmable scalability to programmable scalability and privacy. We believe that programmable scalability and privacy will be the next important features of Ethereum and even the blockchain industry.

Full version of this article can be found on Sin7Y’s Medium channel.