Use 1559 base fees to incentivize composability

From what i understand, to make the system game theoretically sound, we must give the base fee to anyone but the miners.

I understand that burning the gas fees is the most neutral thing to do, and optimism uses the fees to do retro active funding of public goods - which i think is awesome.

I’ve been playing with the idea that we use the base fees and distribute it to the deployers of the contracts that were called in the block.

The premise for this is as follows

  1. Ethereum gets a lot of value from dapp & contract developers, but not sharing the profits
  2. It will create a huge incentive for people to build things that will be used by other contracts upstream. I.e. incentivize composability.

This is like retroactive funding but with no governance or human intervention.

Just-in-time public goods funding.

What would stop us from doing this?

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