Utilizing and Monetizing existing NFTs using Magazine

I’m working on a side project, A Meta Magazine, featuring NFTs only. This is a collaborative project
which utilizes existing NFTs. Entire Mag will be made out using NFTs, including cover pages, texture, images, and other media including text contents. Anyone can contribute to the Magazine, if they own that particular NFT.

Assuming Mag will have (X) supply with (Y) mint price resulting in (X*Y) Treasury Pool [ Ofc 100% sale liquidity will be diverted to the Treasury wallet ]
Assuming there will be royalty rewards for secondary sales of magazine (Z%) also pooled to the treasury wallet.

So theoretically the treasury wallet bears [ (X*Y) + (Z%) ] assets which can be used to reward contributors.

I’m unsure whether it’s practically viable or not and I am not a pro wrt Yielding and Rewards, So pardon my ignorance and correct me if I’m wrong. I need some serious suggestions regarding this since I’m stuck with this for a while. Every other aspect and feature has been sorted out except this.

I am curious to know whether this model is sustainable for the long term.
Kindly shower some sparks to help a fellow Degen.

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