Where do runners of frontbots get so much liquidity?

In order to pull off front running attacks, a person who runs a bot has to have enough liquidity, doesn’t he? For instance, to beat a transaction of 100 ETH he’ll have to have this amount and gas fees on top. Even 10 ETH isn’t an amount that everyone can afford.

Where do runners of front bots get this much liquidity? Or each of them waits only for the transactions that he can afford?

This requires the cooperation of strategic traders and investors.

Strategic traders are responsible for structuring transactions.
The investor signs the transactions.

Miners can also be involved.

Frontrunners use Flash Loan for this. They just have to have enough ETH to pay for gas, the rest is borrowed from protocols such as Aave or Compound.

For more info on this:

Hope I answered your question

I think NFT also could be a way, if u read this thread and tell me whether this scenario is really possible?

Put in mind that Alice could also, due to the anonymity property, create like N addresses & make them look like N bidding account in her own auction; ie transfer the Flashloan money to a different account of hers with no need for Bob.