Yank to BeaconChain

Assuming there are contracts hosted on the BeaconChain, there should be some function to yank contracts from various shards and add them to the BeaconChain.

We define a bounded set A that contains contracts. A is bounded in order to restrict it to those contracts deemed as popular by various validators and to create some competition between contracts.

Assuming contract C is not in A and receives more transactions than any contract in A, a validator would create a proposal to add this contract to set A. Once the set has been filled the contract with the least transactions to it would be replaced by C.

The reason behind this is to move the most popular contracts into a highly available global state. This would reduce latency between cross-shard transactions with popular contracts.

Loredana wrote up a similar proposal using a master shard: https://medium.com/@loredana.cirstea/a-master-shard-to-account-for-ethereum-2-0-global-scope-c9b475415fa3, however this did not contain yanking logic.


I imagine there will be a lot of competition for contracts to be on the beacon chain; the “most/least transactions” rubric could incentivize spam.

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Simply the number of transactions is not a good way for scoring contracts. Imagine a case where the contract C receives more transactions than the least scoring contract in A, but all those transactions are coming from the shard that C is on.

A good scoring heuristic for contracts should consider:

  • Frequency & average gas costs of calls from each of the shards
  • Storage cost of the contract

There are other open questions such as:

  • Should contracts once hosted on the beacon chain persistent forever, so that none of it’s dependencies are broken?
  • Should the protocol have a scoring heuristic to decide which contracts to place on the beacon chain, or should we be utilitarian and design it as an ongoing auction?
  • If organizing the shard space so that popular contracts have equal access from all shards is the objective, then is hierarchical sharding a better solution than hosting contracts on the beacon chain?

Totally agree, this was just about providing some function for scoring a contracts “importance” to be in the set of contracts on the beaconchain. Totally agree that there can be other methods.

On-beacon-chain saved contracts, which quotes, “Contracts frequently needing to be yanked across shards, passing all contract code in through a receipt”

I believe something like you describe is definitely on the roadmap and needs to be investigated more. You bring up great points (should it be automated vs. deployed with a fee?)

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