Zero-Knowledge Proofs Starter Pack

On my journey to join the club of people who possess a reasonable understanding of ZKP cryptography, I stumbled upon many invaluable resources that provided to be very helpful. The problem was that they were rather scattered on the web. The awesome ZKP repo is indeed awesome but a bit verbose and lacks videos and podcasts.

The goal of this post is to serve as an entry point for anyone interested to make their baby steps towards understanding the core technical layers of zero-knowledge-whatever. It is important to note that this is definitely not an exhaustive list, but rather a set of supportive resources for ZKPs that have a connection to the blockchain ecosystem.


  • ZKP = Zero-Knowledge Proof
  • zkSNARK = Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive ARgument of Knowledge
  • zkSTARK = Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent ARgument of Knowledge
  • AZTEC = Anonymous Zero-knowledge Transactions with Efficient Communication








Hope this helps! Open to additions and other suggestions.


This post about ZkDai might be a good addition to these resources:

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Here’s another super-awesome paper on SNARKs by Christian Reitwießner:

This one will help you fully understand all the “moon math” that is the heart of SNARKs and that is almost never explained in tutorials/presentations. :+1:


This walk thru is a must try if you actually want to get your hands dirty:

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cool content compilation! Guys, if anyone wants to give a try and learn zkSnarks properly, please ping me Would be nice to have a learning companion and to study together.

Another good one is this overview of PCPs, which underpin SNARKs and STARKs

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zkp rivals enigma, correct?

@Econymous you can view Zero Knowledge Proofs as a family of functions that ensure honest computation. They can be used for privacy, scalability and annonymity .Enigma employs Multi Party Computation which is a subset of ZKP where multiple parties are used to provide the answer to to a problem without revealing it to everyone.

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