ZKAP Webinar - Zero Knowledge Access Passes

Hello ETH Research community!

I wanted to invite you all to join a webinar on Tues, Mar. 31st at 11 am MST/ 1 pm EST. Zcash has regular community calls; this month is geared towards a more technical audience. I am sharing it here in case there is interest.

This month we’ll be joined by Jean-Paul Calderone and Chris Wood from Least Authority. They will be sharing their research on Zero Knowledge Access Passes, ZKAPs which attempt to solve the issue of privacy-preserving payments. They’ll dive deeper into the functionality of Privacy Pass and ZKAPs, understand what changes were made, and how these can be used for other use cases. ZKAPs concept originated from PrivacyPass. You can read more about ZKAPs and how it came about in this blog post.

We’ll also hear from Aditya from ZecWallet to talk about lessons learned building shielded wallets and discuss the latest wallet update.

Zeal Community calls are scheduled once a month and cover a range of topics such as guest speakers from other privacy organizations and occasional technical AMAs. Register here for the monthly calls.