Boson Consensus - A Scalable Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

Hi guys,

The attached is our latest study on blockchain sharding, namely, Boson consensus, which could

  • Effectively counter single-shard attack by employing a root-chain-first fork choice rule. All blocks from shard chains are protected by the root chain, which has a high-security guarantee.
  • A node operator is free to run any types of the node including full node, root node or shard node. And with cluster design, a node can be easily scaled to multiple machines and support tens of thousands of TPS verified by community members.
  • Each shard chain could run any consensus (PoW, PoS, dPoS) and secured by the root chain.
  • Efficient and secure in-shard and cross-shard transactions.

If you are interested in the blockchain sharding design, please share your feedback and/or comments! Thanks.

boson.pdf (256.2 KB)