Faucet Link Directory

I made a link directory of all testnet faucets for Kovan, Rinkeby, Goerli and Ropsten. It monitors liveliness and shows details like drop size and type of sybil protection, so you can get directly to those that are currently working. Let me know of faucets not listed and I will add them.


If you have spare testnet coins, please send some to the faucets with low balance to keep them going. Most that don’t work are just empty but actually work fine…


Need to add Sepolia testnet.
Given the design of the site, rather than having to select a network, then select the actual network you could show the various testnets in one pages as a table.

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thought the same at first, but was a bit crowded with all the info in a single table…

good idea with Sepolia, added :+1:


The reason for the single table is to avoid having to make two clicks. The click to get to the networks should be removed at least.

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@desy are you on Twitter? There isn’t a contact link for you on the faucet link website.

You’re right the first button is pretty pointless, although I kinda like how clean the startpage is that way…

I don’t have contact infos for this account, but you can send me a message here on the forum.

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That’s a great page! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve created 2 new instances of my PoW faucet for ropsten & sepolia:

Wallet address is the same as for the other testnets: 0x6Cc9397c3B38739daCbfaA68EaD5F5D77Ba5F455

I’ve added an api to fetch the live drop size from my faucets, as I might need to adjust them based on how fast it gets drained.
You can fetch it via {faucet-host}/api/getMaxReward for each faucet :grinning:
The number returned is the max reward in wei.


Some more Faucets I’ve seen:
https://sepoliafaucet.net/ (Sepolia / 0.05 ETH / Captcha / 0xB2A8E24a90E5B5F7f4CBD26D350B83674652D65e)
https://goerli-faucet.com/ (Goerli / 32 ETH / Telegram / 0xCb26b78450C9a6585492434AcBC854E36b384C8C)

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Awesome, thanks for adding more networks. Also kudos for using pow, cool to see faucets implementing new ways to prevent sybils.

Your api has been hooked up of course :slight_smile: