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@desy we are also offering FREE 1 Goerli-ETH to all users who signup to our MPC based wallet platform.

Can you please add our page as well?


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see the demo of the faucet within our platform.

Here is the video explainer how to signup and claim the daily Goerli ETH

@pk910 were you able to test MetaClav’s faucet as well? Would love any feedback as you seem to understand the nuances deeply. Ty!

I tried, but hadn’t been able to test it, because I don’t own (and hopefully don’t ever have to own) a apple device. (personal antipathy against that company :smiley:)

I don’t really have any feedback as I don’t fully understand what the app is there for.
Is it just a sort of sybil protection or is that app actually managing the wallet, including private key management and stuff?

In general I don’t like the way to force users to use a specific (new) product to use a faucet.
Some promotion is ok, but forcing users to use a special kind of wallet is too much.
Especially in the way coinbase does it with their additional mainnet balance restriction,
it introduces an additional risk to users, who need to use that new wallet they’re not familiar with to fiddle around with mainnet funds…

Think about the scenario where faucets are mostly used:
A developer built some smart contract and wants to test it on a testnet.
He probably deployed something before, using metamask / hardhat / other toolings, so he’s familiar with that.
Now he needs some testnet funds and is suddenly forced to use a completely unrelated product he doesn’t really need and actually don’t want to use, just to get hands on some testnet funds.
That’s not really Developer friendly.

I think it’s not even helpful for the app operator when force-onboarding users that actually have no real interest to use their product. Of course, it pushes user counts and looks great in marketing reports :roll_eyes:
But I think new applications should onboard users by offering some great feature, so users actually want to use that product, instead of forcing them by using the rare testnet funds as the actual “feature”.

However, I don’t want to prejudge your faucet - as said I haven’t been able to test it :wink:
If you’re just using the app as a sybil protection to check for the apple id or so, that’s something different in my eyes. A little bit over-protective, but that’s up to the faucet.

Sorry if that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but you’ve asked for it :smiley:
I tried testing it already some weeks ago, but couldn’t proceed without the apple stuff.
I didn’t write yet, because I don’t always want to nag around about new faucets.
Like others you’ve probably invested a lot of time to build it up and if you didn’t steal funds to run it and don’t sell these funds for profit, it’s definetly nothing to critism too much :wink:

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hello everyone

i suggest this sepolia & Goerli Faucet : https://www.freefaucet.tech/

u can get 0.2 Goerli or Sepolia … Per DAY

i think this is the best ! :wine_glass:

hello guy

i think someone is attack your faucet

u can check his txs on sepolia-testnet 0xe883Cd7ADfe55CD84798a8129468e106b32CDC7A

he want to sell his sepolia to me , he say , he can get 500 sepolia one day , i don’t know how to do it

Actually, it doesn’t really matter. Sepolia is fundamentally different in terms of supply - there are more than enough SepETH left for years - probably much more than what is ever being needed in the planned lifetime of 5 years.
There is no way the faucet runs out of funds during the next years at current rate.

I know there are some farmers, but I see no reason to make the faucet more protective than it currently is.
At the end my faucet is not there to prevent a single entity from farming aggressively. I don’t think that’s possible without introducing any type of legal verification.
It’s more about giving everyone the possibility to gather funds freely. Even with some farmers on board, I don’t see that high level goal in danger.
Due to the PoW requirement, farmers are limited by the same hashrate constraints as other users.

To be honest, 500 SepETH sounds like that guy is currently running about half of the daily mining sessions on my sepolia faucet (1k/day is the limit). That’s an impressive waste of energy and money to get something that has no value :man_facepalming: However, I don’t think he’ll do that for longer term. It’s also just a fraction of the hashpower that is currently used on my goerli faucet (probably the reason why he is farming sepolia instead of goerli funds :D).
The mining activity on my sepolia faucet is usually not very high, which benefits farmers a bit…

There is absolutely no need to collect sepolia funds via farming.
But hey, let degens do what they want do… As long as they don’t affect regular users too much and over long term I don’t care :man_shrugging:
And that’s actually the key point here: The sepolia faucet still works as usual and regular users are still able to request funds easily (and still much faster than on goerli)

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Hello @desy I stumbled upon your website today https://faucetlink.to/.
I work for Chainstack, a Web3 infrastructure company similar to Alchemy & Quicknode. I’ve seen your collection of faucets and we’ve just recently launched our own https://faucet.chainstack.com/.
I was trying to get in contact with you to ask if you could also list our faucet on your website.

I think this may be useful for devs. Also, you can connect to this faucet and automatically top up your balance once, every 24h.

We currently support Goerli, Sepolia, zkSync, Scroll & BNB, but I’ve seen that right now you only have Goerli and Sepolia on your site.

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this type of stuff, but I just signed up on this website just to ask you this :slight_smile:

I hope I have not sinned :)) :pray:

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The Holešovice Testnet (holesky) finally started and should be added to the page :slight_smile:


  • I’m running an instance of my PoW faucet for it:
    Wallets behind: 0x6Cc9397c3B38739daCbfaA68EaD5F5D77Ba5F455 (hot wallet) & 0x610866c6089768dA95524bcc4cE7dB61eDa3931c (cold wallet)
    Drop size is available via the /api/getFaucetConfig api (just like the other instances).
    Protection: PoW

  • Stakely is providing a faucet:
    Wallet: 0x0e79065B5F11b5BD1e62B935A600976ffF3754B9
    Drop Size: 32.1 hETH
    Protection: Twitter

  • Qicknode Faucet:
    Wallet: 0x332E43696A505EF45b9319973785F837ce5267b9 (hot wallet) & 0x1B7aA44088a0eA95bdc65fef6E5071E946Bf7d8f (cold wallet)
    Drop Size: 1 ETH / 4 ETH
    Protection: Mainnet Balance (1 ETH) / Mainnet Balance + Twitter (4 ETH)

more to follow :wink:

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We will launch the Holesky faucet next week. I will update this thread with the details after deployment

Thanks @pk910, Holesky is now included

@xKeywordx Hesitant listing faucets which require credit card info to sign up. Apart from that it would be good to go.

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Hi @desy I just recently came across faucetlink and was hoping to have RockX’s Sepolia faucet added to the list? Developers can receive up to 0.5 ETH per day

We’ll soon have a Holesky faucet too with ~1m ETH.

Saw big players of api provider, all have their own faucet service. Where do they get the token? Did they run validators and mint test token? You will need some starting fund though right

Hello @desy, been a big fan of your list of faucets!

I recently decided to run a PoW faucet built by @pk910 for Ethereum, Base and Optimism Sepolia. Could you add this one to your list: www(.)ethereum-ecosystem(.)com/faucets/ethereum-sepolia ? (sorry not allowed to post links)

Thanks a lot!

PS: @pk910 thank you so much for the amazing work you have done, recently came across your PoW Faucet and it’s really a thing of beauty!