Is this desk lacking administration?

Many topics and even categories seem to be outdated;

The links from read me are outdated like these notes are last updated like 6 years ago:

I actually lack to have such a well organised and up to date notes.

Is there is anything I (or community) can do about to help to keep this data up to date and maintained?

Same relates to forum categories etc - is eWASM project still active?


+1 to what @peersky said.

In particular, all the work our protocol team is doing (research & development) is entirely open source, so the opportunity to apply for a grant from Ethereum Foundation would be very much appreciated.


eWASM is now a thing of the past, and we all know what happened. However, I do not believe that the forum needs any changes. Here, you can witness the history of Ethereum-related research and the evolution of ideas. They are well-preserved here for you to explore the journey of Ethereum’s development. Of course, you can apply to open a new section if it meets the criteria for establishing a new section. You can also integrate them all into your personal homepage.

Collect good projects in a dedicated section and pin them to make it easy for everyone to see. It should facilitate updates for everyone. After some time, inquire with users about any progress. However, this idea needs community assistance.

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It’s great to have museum to let everyone learn history lessons, but it must be organised and appropriately tagged as closed/deprecated and explained reasoning, so that this desk can be effective in onboarding new researchers and contributors. I also think It is important to move forward no matter what happens - decentralised community should be autonomous in a sense of maintaining data of it’s own.

PS. Not everybody knows. Right now if you read the roadmap and about eWASM you might have a feeling that EVM is being deprecated. It creates great confusion.

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Primary request for roadmap update is to give exposure of what E.F. and collaborators are doing, what are current plans for tools in place.
This requires someone from E.F to organise such a notes. Right now information available on roadmap does not feel inclusive enough and leaves too many open questions.
These could be answered by publishing more in detail information, which Im looking in this forum.

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Now I am turning to support your viewpoint and inviting more people to join.

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I have no idea of what happened to eWASM, so it would def be beneficial to the community, especially newcomers to have a higher level of curation for the Ethereum research roadmap.

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Community support is key to organising everything here…count on me for any contribution.