Looking for blockchain and ethereum related open math problems


Hi everyone,

I am a math researcher and an ethereum enthusiast but until now more as a hobby than as a professional activity. This could change since my university received a grant to do some Blockchain related research and I would like to use the opportunity and come up with a good proposal for the grant. Unfortunately I don’t have the necessary overview on Blockchain research to decide on suitable math problems to include. In the past there use to be https://github.com/ethereum/research/wiki/Problems to look at interesting ethereum related problems but it seems that it has not been updated in a while. My field of research are combinatorics/probability/graph theory but problems arising from number theory or geometry would work too. Could anyone advise me or direct me to more recent ressources on open blockchain math problems which could help with the proposal?

Thanks in advance!


There’s is also this list of potential problems by the Ethereum Foundation: https://notes.ethereum.org/s/rkxpeG0ff#

Protocol Labs also has a list of research problems and has ongoing bounties for computer scientists and mathematicians. You can read more here: https://github.com/protocol/research-RFPs.

The Interchain Foundation also gives out grants for research as well. You can find more info here: https://interchain.io/research


Thanks a lot for the ressources, I sincerely appreciate it. Hopefully I can help with one of those problems.


I am not the best person for a comprehensive answer but here are some blockchain-related combinatorics/graph theory problems I’ve seen in the past little while:

There are also math problems closer to cryptography e.g. I’m sure people are still on the lookout for more designs for VDFs or for SNARK/STARK-friendly hash functions, but I have less familiarity here.


thanks a lot it’s exactly the kind of resources I am looking for.